“After speaking with other lenders, we had something to compare this experience too. Craig exceeded our expectations. He was fast and kept us very up-to-date on our loan. As first time home buyers, we had a lot of questions; Craig was so helpful with all of that! After speaking with Craig, we felt he was truly working for us and we couldn’t have been happier! Very, very pleased with all of the staff at Inlanta. I will be recommending Inlanta to anyone looking to purchase a home!” – Anonymous


“Craig patiently and thoroughly explained each step of the home buying process to us. He was extremely knowledgeable and professional. We are more than satisfied with the service provided and would recommend him and Inlanta Mortgage Group to anyone looking to buy a home.” – Kelsey and Michael K.

September 21, 2016

“My home buying experience was pretty stressful and I encountered many obstacles along the way until I began working with Craig March and Christine Festa at Inlanta in Janesville. I have never felt more comfortable, informed and taken care of in a loan process like I did with Craig and Christine. They both answered all of my questions, phone calls and e-mails quickly, accurately and professionally each and ever time…and I had a lot of them!! I cannot express my gratitude to them enough for how well they did their job and how at ease they made me feel. No one else took the time right away to talk to me and make me feel like my loan and my business was important to them like Craig did.  I know Craig and Christine always had a lot of irons in the fire but I really felt like they were working just on my loan.  I never felt like one of many.  I always felt like I was the only.  Great feeling in what can be a confusing process for someone on my side of the transaction. Best part for me was the level of care, professionalism and urgency that my entire loan process received. Craig and Christine worked very hard in a limited amount of time to pull everything together and get me closed on the date I needed. I never worried once because they kept me so well informed and answered all of my relentless questions quickly, accurately and professionally. Several times I emailed Craig on the weekend just expecting an answer Monday but he always answered within an hour or two on a Saturday or Sunday. That is exceptional service!! I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Inlanta or Craig and Christine. Keep doing what you are doing because you’re doing it right!!”Randy C.

June 14, 2016

“We were so glad that we were referred to Inlanta Mortgage. I feel like one of the best things about Inlanta was how quick they were about responding and getting back to your call/emails. They always seemed knowledgeable and on top of things. I loved feeling like everyone genuinely cared about us and our home buying process. We’ve already had people asking us what lender we went through to buy our house. And we’ve never hesitated to tell them how great our experience was at Inlanta. Would recommend them to anybody!” – Amber P.

April 26, 2016

“Craig was so helpful and knowledgeable. His customer service was outstanding. He always got back to me within the hour. I have never worked with someone who actually took customer service seriously. He answered every question and then some. He was friendly and so easy to work with. He made our dreams come true!” -Jennifer B.

April 26, 2016

“Very painless and stress-free; I felt my best interest was being looked out for.” -Clinton & Cynthia D.

April 20, 2016

“Craig was the best part of our mortgage experience, always willing to help, make us smile, explained everything well enough so I could understand.” - Anonymous

April 20, 2016

“Craig was the best lender I’ve ever dealt with! Made the process so easy and comfortable. He followed through on everything he said he would and followed up even when he was on vacation! Highly recommended!” - Micah C.

April 20, 2016

“The entire closing process was smooth and accurate. Very impressed. I will definitely refer many more future home buyers to Inlanta. Craig and Inlanta were straight forward and informative to what we needed to achieve our goal of buying a home. They were FANTASTIC.” -Anonymous

April 20, 2016

“Craig was fast and professional, always responded quickly. He was very friendly and upbeat; everything went like snaps of the fingers.” -Mike F.

April 20, 2016


“Everything was so well organized. Craig was always on top of things when I needed it and the documents were all laid out and very detailed. Craig made my home buying experience as simple as I feel it could have possibly been.” - Aaron S.


“It was a great experience, thank you so much! Inlanta made everything very easy. Great place, highly recommend!” – Katy and Karla


“Working with Craig was easy, care-free and fun. He has a great outlook and was responsive to our needs. He was always available when we needed to talk and made our first home buy a positive experience.” - Elizabeth S. & Sam L.


“Best part of the experience was being treated like a normal person because we had bad credit to start. I was coached on what to do to improve and get us where we needed to be able to get approved for our new home!” - Anonymous


“I like working with Craig who kept me up-to-date at all times.” – Anonymous


“Craig was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. He made this a very simple process for us.” – Jon C.


“Everything about my experience was outstanding. From first contact through to the end. We were never left guessing. All my questions were answered promptly and thoroughly.” - Michael A.


“They did everything fast and efficient. It didn’t take very long at all to complete the process.” - Anonymous


“Craig March made things ready to understand and was quick to respond every time I needed to get a hold of him. It was a pleasure to work with him and the rest of Inlanta Mortgage.” - Cody T.


“Craig March was great to work with. I have referred other people to him and they have all said Craig is great to work with. Thanks!” – Chad S.

March 31, 2016